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Why Is My Roof Making Loud Banging Noises?

Noise on Roof at Night? Here's What it Could Be!

While being woken up in the middle of a winter night by banging noises on your roof can be incredibly alarming, it is often not a cause for panic. While all that noise may make you think a tree has fallen on your roof or there is some kind of lurking intruder, what is actually occurring is that low temperatures are affecting your roofing materials. It’s just shrinking, and not always a serious structural problem.

Why Does My Roof Make Noises?

In order to understand what’s going on with your roof, you must first understand thermal expansion and contraction. Building materials are affected by the temperature of their environment, and these changes become very noticeable in winter with sharply declining temperatures. Cold temperatures shrink exposed building materials, which are bound to each other and interior materials by fasteners, including nails. Different materials expand and contract at different rates, meaning that all of the materials in your roof are expanding and contracting at different rates in response to the sudden temperature shifts, which causes those banging noises.

Inside vs Outside

While roofs are exposed to the constantly shifting temperatures of winter, the inside of a house is kept warm and is not. Heat from inside is constantly moving up against the cold outer roof. This means that the roof is shrinking, while most of the house is not, which causes distortion and the buildup of pressure. When pressure builds joints and other areas of connection move slightly, which creates those shocking banging noises. Movement as small as a quarter of an inch can create a monstrous sounding bang.

Do Not Be Alarmed!

Especially if you live in a cold area where there is a large drop in temperature between night and day during the winter, this cannot be avoided and you should not worry about it. It’s simply shrinking and not indicative of a larger problem. However, if your roof and gutters are piled with snow and making banging noises it needs to be cleared off immediately.

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