How to Tell If You Need More Ventilation in Your Attic

roof steepleHot air rises. This is why your attic probably feels like a sauna, even during colder months. Now that summer has arrived, the humidity of Maryland’s muggy climate is going to be trapped inside your attic. With proper ventilation, this won’t be an issue–however, without it, serious problems could occur. If you have an older home, it may not be build up to standards. So, read on to make sure you have the proper ventilation for your roof and attic.

Check the number of vents

A good, general rule to use when thinking about ventilation is one square foot of ventilation per 150 square feet of attic space. You should have a proper, open vent that leads outdoors, because this will draw the cool air in and the hot air out. Humidity will cause much less damage to your roof this way. If you’ve got the proper ventilation needs, and your roof is still suffering from water damage, the problem may originate elsewhere.

Are your vents clear of debris?

This isn’t difficult to see if the vents are on the sides of your house, and with a long enough utility pole, you may be able to simply stand and brush away trapped leaves or offending tree branches. But you should also regularly check the vents on your roof–this is where animals, like birds, enjoy making their homes. It’s common enough that you may want to inspect them every few weeks. This goes for every type of roof vent.

How will you know if your attic isn’t ventilated properly?

The signs will be obvious. Moldy wood and rotting rafters are good indications that there is not enough airflow. Check the batts of insulation for mold and mildew, as moisture can cause insulation to be inefficient. You may also be able to tell simply by sticking your head up there–if you feel an overwhelming sense of humidity or dampness, or you smell rot and mold, it’s a good idea to replace your ventilation.

If you need roofing ventilation work done, calling Piney Orchard is your best option.

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