How to Pick the Perfect Shingle Color

variety of shingle colorsOur roofs, especially ones built by Piney Orchard, last a long time.  You’ll want it to be the best roof you can buy, and believe it or not, the color of your shingles make a huge difference beyond just aesthetics.  Piney Orchard does offer a wide variety of shingle types, but if you’re going to pick the one that’s right for you, you’re going to need a guide to make the best decision you can.  Read on to discover what color shingles you should purchase when you make or repair your roof.

Consider your climate.

Darker colors trap heat, and make your home warmer.  If you live in a colder area, this may be ideal.  The color of your shingles can actually affect the temperature of your home by a margin of twenty to forty degrees.  So, if you’re in a warmer area, you’ll want to choose a lighter gray color, or maybe even a white.  This decision is pretty hard to make when you live in Maryland, because the temperatures fluctuate so much, so let’s keep going.

Talk to your neighbor’s association.

There’s a good chance they have regulations you need to follow, so always check with them first before you decide on a new color or type of shingle.  And even if you don’t have an association to work under, consider your neighbors in general–don’t get shingles that are drastically different from the people around you, because you’ll stand out and make the neighborhood look like it clashes.

Small or large?

If you want your home to look quaint and small, you’ll want to choose a darker color to make it seem this way.  Colors create size illusions, just like they do when you paint rooms light and dark colors.  A lighter color will make it appear as though your home is larger than it really is.

Match the style of your home.

Your home may have a certain aesthetic; rancher houses, Spanish-style houses, Adobe styles and cabin styles all have different needs when it comes to roofs.  A redder, lighter roof will work for a home that is themed for arid areas, and a darker roof will fit well with homes in the woods and will help you to stand out when winter comes.

If you need a new roof, Piney Orchard Roofing has your ideal selection ready.

From our responsive, personal service to our precision estimating technology, everything we do at Piney Orchard Roofing is designed to make replacing your gutters or roof as easy, affordable, and painless as possible. By focusing strictly on roofing and the accompanying services, we’re able to offer higher-quality results at an affordable price.

We offer a 5-year labor warranty on complete roof replacements – five times the industry standard – combined with a lifetime material warranty on select products. We serve the following Maryland communities: Odenton, Crofton, Gambrills, Severna Park, Annapolis, Arnold, Severn, Millersville, Davidsonville, Crownsville, Riva, Edgewater, and more.

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