How to Find Roof Leaks This Storm Season

leaking water falling into bucketsIf you want to know how to find and fix roof leaks before they cause major problems for your home, you’ve come to the right place. While this is a problem that can cause large scale damage if left unchecked, most roof leaks only take minutes to fix if caught early and are not a major hassle. Here are some tips on spotting these little leaks before they cause big problems.

Why It Is Important To Catch Roof Leaks Early

Roof leaks need to be fixed immediately, even if they have yet to cause any problems or you know that you are getting a new roof within the next few years anyway. Even over a relatively short period of time, the smallest and most seemingly insignificant of leaks can lead to large problems like mold, rotted sheathing or framing, destroyed insulation, and extensive ceiling damage. It’s key to address these issues early before they lead to problems which require invasive and expensive home repairs.  

How To Track Down Roof Leaks  

Sometimes running water will reveal the direction of a leak, but if it doesn’t you can uncover it in other ways. Once you remove some shingles you will most likely find evidence of the leak, such as discolored felt paper, or water-stained or rotted wood. Being looking at the roof uphill from the stains to see if there are any roof penetrations, as these are most often the source of roof leaks. These penetrations include plumbing and roof vents, dormers, chimneys, or anything else which projects out of a roof.

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