How to Tell If You Have a Squirrel Problem in Your Attic

Roof graphicIf your roof vents aren’t closed off to the elements, it’s possible a squirrel may have slipped inside and made your attic a home for himself. Since it’s warm, secluded and full of comfortable places to hide, a lot of rodents tend to find safety within attics. Now, squirrels don’t pose any sort of threat to humans, in terms of being violent. You probably won’t ever see them if you don’t look for them. But they can cause a lot of problems that will either annoy you, or end up posing a danger. Read on to find out if that scratching in your attic is something more than a tree branch against your roof.

Strange Sounds

Your attic is probably not haunted if you hear scratching or skittering in the early morning, or at dusk. This is when squirrels get busy making their nests. They’re usually outside most of the day and then come inside to sleep at night, as they are not nocturnal. You’ll definitely end up hearing these guys, as they’re a lot larger than mice or rats.  

Unfamiliar Odors

The scent squirrels leave behind will become more prominent as time goes on. This can come from urine or droppings, which will build up and leak into your home. You should also notice immediately when a squirrel dies in your attic, because that smell is nearly impossible to contain. And since it’s hard to get rid of, you definitely want to solve your squirrel problem ASAP.

Nests and Entry Points

Squirrels make nests, and you might see them in trees when you look up. They look a bit like giant bird nests, with a lot of leaves and branches making a comfortable abode. If you take a look in your attic and see this, it’s a sure sign squirrels are or have been living in your attic. Also, you may see holes in your roof that they have chewed through. If your house is made primarily of wood, like a cabin, it’s possible a squirrel may have chewed through the side.  

Read about more signs of squirrels here. If you are worried, you should hire a professional so you can remove them in the safest fashion possible.

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