How to Know If Your Roof Is Hurricane Ready

ThunderstormAs the summer winds down and hurricane season approaches (or continues, depending on where you live), make sure that your home is ready from the basement on the bottom to the roof on the top. If you haven’t already taken care of your seasonal maintenance and inspected your roof, now is the perfect time to prepare your roof for hurricane season and protect your investment and home.


First things first, you should inspect your roof to see what condition it is currently in. The end of summer and end of winter are great times to see how it fared throughout harsh weather and prepare for the remainder of storm season. What should you be looking for when you are up on the ladder?

  • Any debris from previous storms—remove this from the roof
  • Asphalt shingle damage—some shedding is normal, but if many shingles are getting worn contact Piney Orchard Roofing to see if you need repairs done
  • Tree branches over the roof or dead tree branches near the roof—cut back any limbs that could fall on your home in the event of strong winds or rains
  • Gutters that are clogged—clear them out!
  • Soft spots or obvious wear—these are signs that your roof needs repairs immediately, so contact a roofing company as soon as possible to avoid even bigger repairs after a storm


After a storm occurs, you should always survey the damage (and be incredibly cautious while doing so). Keep an eye out for the same issues listed above. Are there shingles that are missing or that were torn out from the hurricane winds? Is there debris littering the surface of your roof? Loose shingles should be taken care of right away, especially if there are more storms on the way. While one or two shingles may not be a huge problem, many compromised shingles can prevent your roof from doing its job and protecting your home from the outside elements.


Piney Orchard Roofing has the expertise, professionalism, and personal service to make your roof repair as easy, affordable, and headache-free as possible. We offer a 5-year labor warranty on our roof replacements, five times the industry standard, and a lifetime material warranty on select products. Ready to make sure your roof is hurricane proof? Give us a call at (410) 618-0804 or visit us online. We currently serve Odenton, Crofton, Gambrills, Severna Park, Annapolis, Arnold, Severn, Millersville, Davidsonville, Crownsville, Riva, and Edgewater. Ready for more roofing tips? Follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Houzz, and Pinterest.