Easy Ways to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Roof shinglesRoofs are expensive, and there’s no way around that.  They’re a wonderful investment, and are very important to your home’s construction and longevity, but you probably don’t want to be replacing them after just a few years because you weren’t attentive enough.  To keep your roof longer, you may want to take a few of these maintenance tips into account.

  1. Remove leaves. Fall is coming, and that means the leaves are going to start falling.  Your roof, if it is under trees, is going to be a perfect place for them to start accumulating.  Decomposing, moist leaves make breeding grounds for mold and moss.  And over time, weeds and plants will start to push up your shingles!
  2. Do frequent check-ups. Always look your roof over when there is a particularly large storm.  You may find some damage that needs immediate attention.  Do regular checks of your vents and shingles to ensure nothing is dented or broken.  Catching a problem quickly can make a huge difference.
  3. Trim branches. Trees with long, thick branches can do serious damage to your roof over time.  Even if they appear to be harmless, a continuous scratching caused by a branch will eventually wear at your shingles.  Overhanging trees also provide shade, which could cause moss to grow.
  4. Clean your gutters. This is a very important step.  Cleaning your gutters keeps the rainwater flowing, and allows for proper drainage.  Backed-up gutters will cause water to overflow and create more problems.  Bad gutters can lead to water-warped walls, and water can seep into the roof’s make-up.  The last thing you want is rotted roof rafters.

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